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Additional Services

Onsite/Cemetery Lettering

When a loved one passes and you need their date of passing or a full inscription engraved on an existing memorial at the cemetery we can handle this important task for you. We match the existing style of lettering and the work is done onsite at the cemetery.

Memorial Cleaning

We offer a complete memorial cleaning service. Memorials can become quite dirty over time from the trees, birds, change of seasons and just debris in the air. Most granite memorials can be cleaned to look brand new again. Let us know if you need a quote.


Preparations brings a sense of peace to the whole family at a difficult time. It also allows you to choose the exact memorial you want and all of the details. We are here to help you with making these important decisions.

Why Memorial Pre-Planning Makes Sense

You can make a selection with the people you love, and not alone.

  • Choose a memorial or monument style suited to your family
  • Make sure your memorial reflects your personality
  • Choose any specific tributes that you would like custom made

Memorial Decisions can be made now, rather than under duress.

  • No one has to feel uncomfortable about asking questions
  • You have more time to think about your decision

You can save on the cost of the memorial.

  • Your preplanned price will not increase due to inflation

At time of need, all arrangements are complete.

  • You will not have to wait for your memorial to be placed.
  • You will not have to worry about costs, as it is prepaid

Arranging now means your loved ones will not have to do so.

  • You remove the burden of memorial decisions
  • Loved ones will never second guess your decision

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